The Defense Automated NeuroBehavioral Assessment (DANA) is a clinical assessment tool that an AnthroTronix-led team developed for the Department of Defense for use in the field.  Once fully validated, DANA will be able to assist first-line (e.g., Medics, Corpsmen) and second-line providers (e.g., generalists) in the field in determining a service member’s type of neurocognitive impairment and level of functioning in the case where a service member may be experiencing difficulty due to brain injury or combat-related physical exhaustion or emotional distress.  DANA will be able to assist the providers with assessing fitness for duty and triage needs in such cases.

DANA has two testing components:  cognitive and psychological.  The combination of these allows providers insight into the prevalence of symptoms related to both traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The DANA software is programmed to run in the Android operating system, which allows it to run on a variety of lightweight mobile devices.  The mobility of the DANA system allows for assessing service members in a variety of environments and dispositions closer in time to any potential traumatic incidents (e.g., IED blast exposure).

AnthroTronix and its partners are also exploring the utility of using DANA on tablet computers in clinical environments.